A professional artist photographer based in Paris, France, I have specialised as wedding photographer. On this Blog, you will find articles related (amongst others) to photographers’ tips and techniques as well as articles on photographs, fashion and history of weddings. Articles as varied as possible written hoping they will entertain and come in useful to wedding couples as well as their guests but also to potential (amateur and professional) wedding photographers.

Grand Salon du Mariage - Wedding Fair Parc Floral Paris France October 2019

Meet me at the Grand Salon du Mariage 2019, Parc Floral, Paris, France.

The Grand Salon du Mariage (Grand Wedding Fair) will hold place at the Parc Floral de Paris, from the 19th to the 20th of October 2019.

I shall naturally be there, accompanied by… Read more

Will you marry me? - Exchange of wedding rings

With a simple 4 word question

With a simple 4 word question, “Will you marry me?”, and that wonderful one word answer, “Yes”, your world has changed forever. 

The announcement of your engagement tells the world Read more

Sensual wedding photographer Paris France

Sensuous and sensual wedding photographs

Honestly: I adore sensuous and sensual wedding photographs.

Why would I not? Read more

Woman wearing a fascinator at a wedding


When women contemplate that all important decision of head wear for their wedding day, their understanding of ‘Fascinators‘ are that they are a new fashion or fad to come into trend in the early 21st Century. Read more

Wedding colours palette

Colours and their signification in weddings

At a wedding, be it in Paris, Venice or Buenos Aires, colours are of importance.
Your wedding photographer must be at ease combining the colours present to obtain elegant, pleasant looking wedding images.
And for the wedding couple or planner, composing with colour… Read more

Appareil photo du photographe de mariage - le Nikon D5 - episode-2

About the extraordinary (and safe) Nikon D5 camera I use. (Part 2)

Have you ever heard of data loss? Or of someone that lost all the lovely digital photographs taken during a holiday? Or even of a wedding photographer Paris who lost all the pictures taken at the wedding?

Well, I have. (And no, the inglorious wedding photographer was not me! ;-)

When this kind of thing occurs… Read more

The wedding photographer camera Nikon D5 -Part-1

About the extraordinary (and sensitive) Nikon D5 camera I use. (Part 1)

One of the most brilliant advantages of working with the Nikon D5 camera is its sensitivity.
Something highly useful for a wedding photographer Paris.

Just as the wedding photographer has to solicit his sensitivity to acquire emotional, moving photographs, the photographer also needs top end sensitivity from his camera.

Of course, we are talking here about digital sensitivity or – what is better known as… Read more

Article on - Haig Tcherkezian Wedding Photographer in Paris - in Expatriates Magazine

7 Wedding Photographers in Paris chosen by Expatriates Magazine

Expatriates Magazine kindly chose me as one of their 7 favourite (and – dixit – extremely friendly ; -) wedding photographer.
And consequently decided to publish an article. See below.

Furthermore, Expatriates Magazine has decided to set a vote… Read more

Wedding cake illustrating article on jpeg or raw images

Your wedding photos: in jpeg or in… raw?

As a wedding photographer, I sometimes get asked if I shoot in RAW and if I provide RAW images…

Some of you may not be familiar with these extensions, so let me explain (very briefly) the differences between the two.

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Wedding Fair Poster, Paris 2018, France

Come and visit my stand at the Paris Wedding Fair

I’ll be having a stand at the Parisian Wedding Fair (Salon du Mariage à Paris).

There will be lots of lovely large sized wedding photographs and a palette of lovely hostesses to tell you all there is to know about my wedding services.
Please do come and pay me a visit if you are around in Paris between the 27th and 28th of January 2018.

Here’s how to get to the Fair:

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Bienvenue sur le nouveau site du photographe de mariages

My new wedding website

It’s been a lot of work, but here it is at last.
The ‘baby’s born’…

I tried my best to make it easy for you to surf on.
You will find packs of information regarding my work as wedding photographer in Paris, along with all the services that I provide.

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