Woman wearing a fascinator at a wedding

When women contemplate that all important decision of head wear for their wedding day, their understanding of ‘Fascinators‘ are that they are a new fashion or fad to come into trend in the early 21st Century. Carry Bradshaw from Sex in the City and Lady Gaga were both famous for promoting the wearing of Fascinators when onscreen, albeit in outlandish ways. Lady Gaga wore a ‘Steak’ Fascinator to the 2010 MTV Music Awards, believing that any publicity is good publicity. 

However, Fascinators first made their entrance into the world of bridal wear in 17th century Europe.  Unlike Lady Gaga, the 17th century Fascinators were not outrageous creations. They were beautiful scarves made of fine Belgian lace, ‘fastened’ (hence the name Fascinator) to the hair with pins. They were deemed to give the bride an alluring air of mystery. 

Fascinators owe their longevity of success mostly to their comfort. Fascinators are lightweight, with their embellishments being feathers, beads, tulle and lace. They are worn at the side of the head, attached by a comb or Alice band. Fascinators also allow the bride to style her hair for added beauty. 

The British Royal Family have been the greatest ambassadors in the wearing of Fascinators with even Queen Elizabeth wearing one to her grandson’s wedding. 

What headwear will you choose on your ‘I DO’ day?


Article written by Charlotte Lynn-Holyoak, milliner, designer and friend.