Frequently Asked Questions

Do you travel, are you a destination photographer?

I love travelling! The answer is yes, by all means.

Should you wish to have photos of yourselves in Paris, my familiarity with the city, its monuments, its magical and picturesque spots, can certainly help to satisfy your wishes.

However, whether your wedding is going to take place in Paris, France or elsewhere in the world, I, as a fine art photographer, would be only too glad to contribute my creativity and professionalism.

I am particularly fond of, and familiar with the following places:

Annecy and the surrounding region (*) (the lake, Talloires, Menthon …), Bali, England, Greece (the Cyclades Islands – Mykonos, Santorini), Hong Kong, London, Strasbourg and Venice.

(*) Please don’t hesitate to contact me if your wedding is going to take place in the Lake Annecy region: this is a region of France I love and know well.

When do you start, when do you finish?

You, basically, decide when I start and when you would like me to stop.
Naturally, this is the kind of detail we will have discussed before you book my services.

Do you take photographs in black and white?

I don’t, for a very simple reason: a colour photograph can be turned into a B&W one at the click of a mouse on imaging software. The opposite would not be possible.
Any photograph requested in B&W will be provided at no extra cost.

When should I book your services?

If you wish to book my services, you may do so at any time (or at least as soon as you know your wedding dates).
Naturally, the sooner, the better your chances of finding me available on your wedding day.

How can I book your services?

Once you are happy that I be your photographer and made sure that I am available on your wedding day, you may make a deposit to book my services.
Reservation deposits are generally half of your expected total cost.

Preferred payment is directly via this website, on the Payments page. PayPal handles the transaction, so it is carried out securely for all parties.

Can I do what I like with the photographs provided on the USB key?

You may indeed, as long as it does not generate any income for yourself and abides by the international laws of copyright and authors’ rights.
These basically require that if you publish any of the photos (be it on the Internet, in a newspaper, magazine, etc….) you clearly indicate the name of the photographer (Haig Tcherkezian) and/or his website address ( as close to the image as possible.

Naturally, I would love to be informed should any of my images get published.